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I visited Bishop Burton College on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 as Humber Sports Partnership required a series of first person video reports aimed at encouraging participation...


Get Set

Get Set is a sports-related education programme for schools and colleges. Hull is ahead of most other cities in the country, with 91 per cent of education establishments...

Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet

Leeds’ Northern Ballet is developing as an authority for active dance. It has proved to be one of the UK’s most important international cultural arts...


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It’s a knockout

A legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be an increase in sporting activity. The Gold Challenge was announced recently as a major part of...


Business is booming

Who are the real winners in the host nation when an Olympic Games takes place? There are many reasons to host the games and one of these is to encourage business...


Expecting mass media coverage

I recently interviewed leading businessman Phil Ascough regarding the Cultural Olympiad 2012. Click play to watch the video.


When the International Olympic Committee announced that London’s Olympic bid had been successful the capital celebrated. They knew that all eyes would be on London during the 2012 games.

Each host country is also responsible for delivering a program of Arts and Culture alongside the games. This means all the major cities in the country including Hull have the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their own local culture in exciting and vibrant ways.

More important than the games or the culture celebrations is the legacy that is left after the Olympic train moves on to Brazil. There has to be a real and lasting positive effect on the city and the people who live and work there.

Facilities, structures and initiatives being used to promote and deliver Hull 2012, Hull’s very own Cultural Olympiad, have to be sustainable. These must be made available for local communities to benefit from for years to come.

In short the country, and therefore the city, should be able to look back on London 2012 and Hull 2012, and be able to clearly define sustainable, ongoing, positive outcomes in all sectors, as a result of being awarded the Olympic Games.



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New artwork to fly high

British Airways are celebrating their partnership with London 2012 with a design competition with a truly global canvas. The competition, which launched on May 5th...


Shooting for Goalball glory

Chris Oakley (28) is looking forward to London 2012 more than most. The talented Hull athlete is on a thrilling sporting journey that could see him playing at the...

All the city is a stage

All the city is a stage

During the month of May, Leeds based arts company Slung Low will be inviting Hull audiences to a night of groundbreaking immersive theatre. The show called “Mapping...


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Shooting Slideshow

Journalism student Victoria Moore headed down to Bishop Burton College to follow and understand the competitive sport of ‘shooting’. This is an abstract...


The harrowing health in Hull

The latest Health Survey for England presents worrying figures; a quarter of adults, and one in ten children are obese. Simply to be obese can jeopardise your health...


Hopes for an Olympic legacy

As we steadily near the end of the year a new period of opportunity arises and with the help of the local community the city council are hoping to establish the...